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Newbie guide to databases

Newbie guide to databases

15 Feb 2022 by Alexandra Klacanova · 3 min read Beginner business NoSQL

There are a multitude of databases to choose from when deciding how to store your data. They differ in complexity, scalability, data modelling possibilities they offer, and application. Let’s walk through some of the most popular databases and their differences.

(Big) Data Science (2013 WebExpo Talk)

23 May 2014 by Michal Bachman · 0 min read Neo4j Conference NoSQL

After a long wait, I finally got the opportunity to publish the recording of my graph/Neo4j talk at WebExpo Prague 2013,intentionally and somewhat misleadingly titled “(Big) Data Science”. Thanks to the organisers for making it available andsee you soon at WebExpo 2014!