GraphAware Announces GA-Glass

Luanne Misquitta

by Luanne Misquitta

Graph Aware Ltd. is excited to announce their new partnership with Glasses Inc. Managing Director Michal Bachman claims that wearers of GA-Glass become truly graph aware, allowing them to boldly go where no Glass has traversed before.

Powered by the GraphAware Framework and GraphAware Recommendation Engine, GA-Glass crawls the World Wide Graph to surface things most relevant to you, presented in a highly immersive visualization rendered by Q-Viz, a technology developed by innovative GraphAware engineers.

To enter graph aware mode, all you have to do is say “ok graph”. GA-Glass is intelligent enough to not require further voice commands but assesses it’s surroundings to provide the most relevant information.

Imagine that you’ve just joined a very large company, you’re at their office party and you don’t know anyone. “Ok graph” and GA-Glass will detect cliques of people your age that talk about stuff that interests you and suggest an opening line to join the group based on recent activity of their most social members. Once you’re in, GA-Glass will be your companion and help you skirt around controversial topics and also recommend beers the group might try drinking, making you central to their graph and achieving instant stardom.

On the other hand, you might have been at the company way too long, and you’ve been dispatched to an industry event. Turn it into something of interest with GA-Glass. “Ok graph” will scan attendees, their companies, career and interest graphs, mergers and acquisitions graphs and find you the shortest path to the hiring manager of the most promising company that is unlikely to acquire your current one but has open positions for people with your skills. GA-Glass is smart enough to include only hiring managers at least 20 degrees away from your current boss.

You’ve scored a great job and you’re shopping for dinner. The GraphAware Recommendation Engine supplies to GA-Glass real time recommendations on food items that pair with ingredients in your fridge so you can make yourself the dinner you deserve. Take advantage of the six month free trial subscription to have it recommend a suitable wine as well.

GA-Glass is available in trendy shades of purple and blue, and GraphAware is giving away 50!

Be a part of the graph and email for your personalized, engraved GA-Glass.

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