GraphAware in 2021: Reflections

Luanne Misquitta

by Luanne Misquitta
· 6 min read

I like to think of 2021 as the year of consolidation for GraphAware. The growth, changes, hits and misses all somehow began to pull together the threads that have existed or developed through the last 8 years into one strong, coherent strand.

Hume - more solid than ever

Hume delighted even more organisations around the world with compelling graph-powered insights. This year has been a very successful one for our customers who use Hume to detect fraud, save lives, protect citizens and build knowledge graphs for drug discovery, biochemistry and research. Their success inspires us to innovate all the time and evolve our product.

Hume 2.10 enabled analysts to observe how data changes in real time and draw conclusions swiftly. New ways of collaborating within teams were introduced- commenting directly in the graph, and the ability to share insights from analysis via snapshots.

The new Alerting feature was built very quickly to assist some of our customers in the law enforcement domain and rapidly found utility in life sciences and other spaces.

Hume Orchestra extended support to several new sources and processors including MongoDb, Google Cloud Storage, XML and more - all used happily by some of our largest customers.

Hume’s most popular visualisation features this year included geospatial and temporal analysis, grouping and virtual relationships. Geospatial and Temporal Features

Our Neo4j experts worked in domains such as carbon credit management, blockchain analytics, human rights, financial services and investigative analysis.


To enable this amazing work, GraphAware grew and grew! The GraphAware Team We almost doubled the number of people and began to build out all the functions that make GraphAware what it is today.

Sales, Support, People Experience, Finance & Operations expanded their teams to keep pace with our ambitious plans.

Esther joined us in January and she heads our Product team. Miro, our resident Graph Specialised Anthropologist found a new home in this team, and Dimitri, UX Designer completes the product triad. This team worked closely with Hume users for feature design and usability testing; they’ve sifted through many, many ideas submitted by customers and developed them into well rounded features, improving the user experience along the way.

Our expanding product engineering team enjoyed bringing these features to life and sharing their ideas in design sprints and workshops. We launched our Engineering blog in Q3 and introduced several new initiatives within Engineering, including a really fun hackathon. Most of these ideas use Hume in one way or another, making not only engineers, but everyone at GraphAware, daily Hume users.

Christophe, our CTO, led his team to experiment with newer technologies, paving the way for some of these to be introduced into the product.

The Data Science team rapidly grew as well, producing well received work on RDF to LPG and research on image recognition with Hume.

Ondrej quickly got into the rhythm of things with Ryan and Alexandra, started curating and producing great content, and thankfully, revived our newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for it yet, scroll to the bottom of this page and do so for some graphy reading material in the new year. And we love the new swag they produced! GraphAware Swag


Graph Powered Machine Learning, written by our Chief Scientist, Dr. Alessandro Negro, was published earlier this year. If you’re a data scientist working with graphs, treat yourself to this book in 2022! Graph Powered Machine Learning We’re all excited that he’s working on a new book focused on Knowledge Graphs, joined this time by colleagues from our Science team. Apart from the book and consulting with various clients, Alessandro participated in a panel discussion led by OpenCredo: Exploring Complexity- How Graph Data Science is pushing new boundaries.

We were in more than one panel this year as Michal Bachman joined the one that discussed overcoming enterprise challenges with Neo4j.

Apart from various webinars hosted by Miro and Esther from our Product team, Esther also led a webinar where she spoke about Hume for Fraud Detection.

Nodes 2021 also saw my old (but still good) blog post on Cypher Merge graduate to a talk.

Another year of the pandemic dashed our hopes of meeting at large events. Nonetheless, smaller groups of people enjoyed meeting each other during the times it was safe. The team that built Alerting met in our Lecce office. To bring more substance to the faces in the little Zoom boxes, and to settle some debates about height, they gamely lined up for those who could not make the trip. Hume team ordered by height

Sales and Marketing teams managed a couple of team meetings in Prague, a company planning event was pulled off in Lisbon, and our first party since travel restrictions first lifted in 2021 was in sunny Abu Dhabi. Team gatherings

Life Outside Work

GraphAware folks kept themselves busy throughout the year. The sporty ones ran marathons, climbed the Großvenediger, and plunged into icy water. Sports

Others went cycling, fishing and diving. Hobbies

Our foodie channels never ceased to amaze with people dishing up trout, shakshuka, risottos and soups of all kinds, and Talisker Dark Storm ice cream. GraphAware cooking

Not to be left behind, our baking channel featured sourdough, cookies, tarts, pretzels, cakes, croissants and so much more. GraphAware baking

Gardening too has picked up at GraphAware, with some people featuring very large “gardens”! Garden

The musical ones came together to produce their greatest hit ever- a song to mark Christophe’s 7th anniversary at GraphAware. They also played for us at our Christmas (virtual) pub. Amazing talent! Next year- some choreography and music set to a song written to celebrate Alessandro’s anniversary earlier this year. You’ll have to join us to listen to these one of a kind songs!

Finally a Song Challenge that bridged work and leisure- 31 days of sharing songs led to the creation of what we call the GraphAware Song Knowledge Graph. Songs KG

Follow what we’ve been building here, try our Spotify playlist (created from the knowledge graph, of course) and look out for more to come next year.

New Nodes

2021 saw the addition of three new nodes! Caterina Alex Rudolf

Welcome all GraphAware babies!

Happy 2022!

2022 is round the corner and everyone is fired up and excited! We’re looking to accelerate and build on what we’ve achieved this year, explore new areas and continue to celebrate graphs.

Needless to say, we’re always on the lookout for who Christophe calls “graph-hearted people”, check out our current open positions or just look us up on LinkedIn or Twitter and have a chat.

GraphAware wishes you a peaceful end of year, and a very happy and successful 2022!

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