Welcome to the Hume 2.6 live event

Michal Bachman Alessandro Negro Miro Marchi

by Michal Bachman, Alessandro Negro, Miro Marchi
· 1 min read

In an increasingly complex and hyperconnected world, organizations need a level of insight, collaboration and optimization into their data that is locked away within different systems and siloed within the different teams. Information is hidden and opportunities are missed because of the lack of a single system to host, analyze, and visualize their data.

Welcome to Hume.

Hume is the insights engine that collects your scattered data into one full graph-powered solution for your analysts to make sense of their data. Built on top of the cutting-edge technology by Neo4j, Hume has the ability to connect your structured and unstructured data into a knowledge graph that keep your organization always up-to-date.

In our webinar on December 8 2020 at 15:00 CET, we will introduce to you the basics of Hume, the data sources we support and how this system can be customized for your use case to solve industry needs and give you a competitive edge.


  • Introduction from GraphAware CEO Michal Bachman
  • Introduction to Hume by Chief Scientist & creator of Hume Dr. Alessandro Negro
  • Demo of Hume 2.6 by Graph Specialised Anthropologist Dr. Miro Marchi


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