GraphAware Knowledge Platform

The adaptive platform for centralized analysis of enterprise data

Cognitive Computing is no longer just for the Academic Elite

The GraphAware Knowledge Platform allows you to enjoy the benefits of advanced analysis for business insights in your infrastructure.

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Our platform allows you to IMPORT information from your internal sources in one centralised location, and overlay the business knowledge you have with publicly available sources to enrich your data further. With your centralised data, GraphAware Knowledge Platform creates a knowledge graph that can be used to ANALYSE information and DISCOVER business insights using deep analysis.


Data Ingestion

Input your data with built in connectors for Kafka, CSV, XML, RSS feeds and more.

Smart Entity Extraction

Adding your own domain specific entity recogniser to the built-in set has never been easier.

Augmented Knowledge

Import ontologies and concepts from available knowledge graphs such as DBpedia, FreeBase, ConceptNet 5, or post process data using internal machine learning tools.

Distributed Processing

Leverage the power of distributed processing infrastructures, like Apache Spark, to balance heavy computational tasks across a processing cluster.

Rich User Interface

Manage and perform advanced analysis or discover valuable business insights in just a few clicks with Knowledge Studio.

Available Integrations

Amazon Alexa


Start building for voice today by adding new capabilities to Alexa, connecting Alexa to devices, or integrating Alexa directly into your products. GraphAware Knowledge Platform also integrates effortlessly with other services.

Other Integrations

IBM Watson
IBM Watson
Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Facebook Messanger
Facebook Messenger

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GraphAware partners with our customers to ensure smooth implementation. Let us help you create the knowledge platform your company needs.


Gather all your data sources into one knowledge graph. Easily import data from any source with Databridge and access it via the REST API, visualization tools, or Knowledge Studio. Export your knowledge to search engines, chatbots, cognitive systems, or AI driven personal assistants.


Leverage our end-to-end integrated platform to centralise your structured and unstructured data, giving you the complete picture for business intelligence. Keep your data private and safe with on-premise deployment.


Deliver enterprise, multi-channel conversational experiences, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction. GraphAware Conversation is your ideal companion to building chatbots or voice first interfaces.

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