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GraphAware Framework Licensing
This page is intended to clarify the licences and terms under which the GraphAware Framework is made available. The GraphAware Framework comprises two separate products, each licensed under different terms.

GraphAware Foundation

The GraphAware Foundation is open source and licensed under the GPL v3. It may be used free either commercially or non-commercially under the terms of the GPL v3, with any edition of Neo4j®: Neo4j Community Edition or Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

GraphAware Enterprise

GraphAware Enterprise is licensed under the GraphAware Commercial Licence (GACL) for use with Neo4j Enterprise Edition under a Neo Technology® Commercial Licence (NTCL). The GraphAware Commercial Licence and the Neo Technology Commercial Licence are compatible. However the GraphAware Commercial Licence is not compatible with the Neo4j Community Edition licence. GraphAware Enterprise source code is available to licensees under the GACL.

Neo4j and Neo Technology are registered trademarks of Neo Technology, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Neo4j software is separately licensed by Neo Technology, Inc. and its affiliates.

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