GraphAware's Virtual Booth at GraphTour EMEA 2020

Luanne Misquitta

by Luanne Misquitta

You’ve probably seen us already at Amsterdam, Stockholm, Madrid and London.

GraphAware Virtual Pub

Now, as GraphTour goes digital due to developments around the world with coronavirus (COVID-19), GraphAware stands with Neo4j and we are moving our sponsor booth online for the first time!

GraphAware Distributed

The GraphAware team has been distributed globally since year one of its inception and we have always been comfortable working and serving customers remotely. We continue to be spread around the world and take pride in the fact that our colleagues are so diverse.

We communicate through many (many, many) channels on Slack, not just about work, but life in general- food, baking, music, sport, kids, game of thrones (now silent), and we show up regularly in our virtual pub on Thursday evenings to swap stories and banter. Sometimes, we even feel the urge to release the GraphAware Framework over some beers (or tea/coffee, depending on the time of day) GraphAware Virtual Pub

And so, why not take our booth online to enable the community, our clients & partners, and people interested in graphs to chat with us as they would at a physical GraphTour!

All you need to do is join our GotoMeeting session during the slots below for Hume demos, chats with our Neo4j experts about graphs, Neo4j 4.0, or just to say hello! We’re excited to announce our first ever Q&A session on graph-powered machine learning with the man himself, Chief Scientist, Dr. Alessandro Negro, and our data scientists will be around to chat as well.

Schedule for GraphTour Munich

Here are our booth timings for GraphTour Munich on March 17 2020 (all times in CET):

Time (CET) Event
09:00-09:30 Chat with the GraphAware team
09:30-09:50 Hume Actions in Action, demo by Christophe Willemsen, CTO
12:00-12:30 Hume Demo, by Luanne Misquitta, VP of Engineering & Vlasta Kus, Lead Data Scientist
12:30-13:00 Graph-Powered Machine Learning, Q&A with Dr. Alessandro Negro, Chief Scientist

Don’t forget to attend the GraphTour talk by Michal Bachman, CEO, on “Practical Applications of Neo4j 4.0” at 11:05. The GraphAware team will be around to answer any questions you might have during this session.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the 17th!

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