GraphAware Neo4j Application Development Course

November 21st – 24th 2016
Price: $3,200 per person

A unique training opportunity for enterprise Java developers

This is an exciting, one-off chance to be taught by the experts and framework creators themselves, in an intensely productive, 50% lecture, 50% hands-on setting.

Course Lecturers

Luanne Misquitta
Luanne Misquitta
Jasper Blues
Jasper Blues

Luanne Misquitta is a Principal Consultant at GraphAware. She holds a BSc degree in Computer Science from St. Xavier’s College. Luanne is a developer, consultant, and trainer with over 17 years of experience. She is a valued member of the Neo4j community, an active open-source contributor, and one of the main committers to Spring Data Neo4j. Luanne is based in Abu Dhabi.

Course Syllabus

November 21st – 24th 2016

MondayDay 1 Neo4j Foundation

Technical professionals will build a foundation of knowledge serving as the bedrock for a Neo4j powered application. They will complete the day with a general proficiency on the background behind graph databases, administration, using CYPHER for data manipulation, data import tools and best practices.

TuesdayDay 2 Building a Neo4j Powered App With Spring Data / OGM

Work will commence building an end-to-end Neo4j powered application the GraphAware way. In the morning, individuals will learn how to provide enterprise-grade service abstractions, deployable in minutes with Spring Boot. In the afternoon they will bootstrap the data layer of their application using Spring Data for Neo4j.

WednesdayDay 3 Building a Neo4j Powered App With Spring Data / OGM

App development work continues. In the morning students learn how to provide rapid innovation by evolving domain models, and then achieve scalability targets by using custom queries. We’ll also develop in-depth knowledge of the Object Graph Mapping that powers Spring Data and other technologies. In the afternoon we’ll explore how GraphAware’s Neo4j framework can enhance productivity.

ThursdayDay 4 Advanced Neo4j

On the final day, students will become fully GraphAware. They will complete the course with skills in advanced CYPHER, sufficient to build a recommendation engine that is capable of delivering powerful insights in milliseconds. They will know how to meet high-availability and throughput requirements by using performance tuning tools and techniques.

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This accelerated course offers students the ability to get skilled in just four days, not only with Neo4j, but students will build applications end-to-end, including a Neo4j-powered Java application that demonstrates the graph database, Spring Data Neo4j, and other related technologies.

Our incredible GraphAware Neo4j Application Development Course for both public and private sectors, is a prerequisite for the GraphAware Certified Neo4j Developer exam.

Completion of the four-day course entitles each student to receive one free GraphAware Certification exam attempt.