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Michal Bachman

by Michal Bachman

We are pleased to announce the first official Czech Neo4j Meetup on 11th November 2013 at 6pm at the Czech Technical University in Prague. It is a free event: Anyone interested in learning about graph databases as well as those already using them are welcome to attend, listen to the talks, and join us for a beer afterwards. The talks will be in Czech.

UPDATE: Recording of the event now available.

Time & Place

Monday 11th November 2013, 18:00 - 19:30</br> ČVUT, Room T9:107</br> Thákurova 9</br> 160 00 Praha 6</br>


90% of all world’s data has been generated in the last two years. Its structure has changed and interconnectedness increased. As a result, alternatives to relational databases have emerged, often referred to as NoSQL. One NoSQL category are graph databases, which have received increasing attention in the recent months and years.

What are graph databases and which problems do they solve? How do they differ from relational and other NoSQL data stores? What are their advantages and disadvantages? What are some real-world use cases? All these (and many more) questions will be answered by three speakers:

At the beginning, Michal Bachman will introduce Neo4j, a popular open-source graph database. Comparing it to relational and other NoSQL databases, he will talk about its characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, its data model, and finally Cypher, its own query language.

Afterwards, Aleš Kropáč will share his experience with Neo4j in analysing data acquired from Natural Language Processing of texts, e-mail communication analysis, elementary social network analysis, and analysis of interconnections amongst different SQL databases.

Finally, Jan Mittner will demonstrate how Jí, the most popular Czech ride-sharing website, uses Neo4j to build trust amongst its users.

This event is jointly organised by GraphAware and Faculty of Information Technology at Czech Technical University as part of their Informatics Evenings Lecture Series.


Michal Bachman holds a master’s degree in Computing from Imperial College London. He worked as a software developer and consultant in a number of companies before founding GraphAware, a consultancy specialised in graph databases and Neo4j.

Aleš Kropáč holds a master’s degree in Teaching Maths and Physics from Charles University. He currently works for Menier in Brno as a Project Manager, focusing on processing and analysis of text and multimedia.

Jan Mittner holds a master’s degree in Informatics from VŠE, where he currently works as a lecturer and PhD student. He is a co-owner of Vergilio and the founder of Jí, which boasts 70,000 users and 160,000 shared rides.

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