Spring Data Neo4j

GraphAware are the main authors of the latest version of Spring Data Neo4j, version 4, and the underlying, brand new object-graph mapper (OGM). Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) offers advanced features to map between your domain objects and the Neo4j Graph Database.

Spring Data Neo4j 4.0 is a complete rewrite focusing on better communication with remote Neo4j servers. If Spring is not your thing, the underlying OGM can be used on its own from any JVM language.

In September 2014, the first lines of code were written by the GraphAware team under the leadership of Neo Technology and in close cooperation with Pivotal. After a year of full-time development General Availability (GA) release was launched in September 2015. We’re currently working on features for future releases.

Who is involved from the GraphAware team?

Vince Bickers of GraphAware

Vince Bickers

Principal Consultant, GraphAware

Vince is the main author and mastermind behind the OGM. He led the SDN4 project from the very beginning in September 2014 designing the architecture and guiding the rest of the GraphAware team. Vince has been instrumental in driving the adoption of SDN4, introducing the framework through webinars and Neo4j User Groups as well as presenting it at conferences, such as Spring IO Barcelona and GraphConnect.

Luanne Misquitta of GraphAware

Luanne Misquitta

Principal Consultant, GraphAware

Luanne joined forces with the SDN4 team in February 2015. She gradually assumed a full-time, active leadership role, and successfully took the project to RC1 release in July and RC2 release in August. Luanne has published a popular, educational blogpost on AirPair and her contributions on StackOverflow are unrivalled - just check the tag spring-data-neo4j-4.

Adam George of GraphAware

Adam George

Senior Consultant, GraphAware

Adam has been involved in SDN4 since the first design meetings in August 2014. As a Spring expert, his main focus has been integrating the OGM with the Spring Data infrastructure. His efforts included Spring Data REST, testing and the latest Neo4jTemplate code. He also contributed to the object-to-cypher mapping code. He closely collaborates with the early adopters of SDN4 and brings that valuable feedback into the development process.

SDN4 fun stats

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Thank you

GraphAware would like to thank the following people and organisations involved in SDN4 efforts.

Oliver Gierke, Pivotal
the man behind Spring Data project who makes every release of SDN4 happen under the Spring umbrella
Michael Hunger, Neo Technology
the guru behind the first 3 versions of SDN who tirelessly keeps supporting the SDN4 efforts
Dr Jim Webber, Neo Technology
we couldn’t have done it without the doctor’s wisdom, supervision and guidance
Lasse Westh-Nielsen, Neo Technology
for making sure that the OGM builds and releases work like a charm
Mark Angrish, innerloop
who helped our team during the most intensive times of SDN4 development in January 2015

How can GraphAware help?

Being at the very core of SDN4 developments, we are ready to help clients who are considering the use of SDN or are planning to upgrade to version 4 from previous versions. We can also provide custom-made trainings around the subject of combining the Spring framework with Neo4j. The services can be delivered by any of our Neo4j Certified Professionals, some of whom are also SpringSource Certified Spring trainers.

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