GraphAware Hume Selected as the Criminal Graph Analytics Solution for the Western Australia Police Force

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London, January 25th - GraphAware Hume announces partnership with the Western Australia Police Force to deliver criminal graph analytics.

In partnering with GraphAware Hume, the WA Police Force will remain at the forefront of crime analysis by strengthening its use of analytics to ensure community safety. Investigators and Intelligence Analysts are now utilising repeatable and scalable methods to connect the dots to rapidly identify, locate and associate offenders and persons at risk. The ability to perform visual queries across linked data sources in real-time is delivering more effective decision-making and faster crime-solving for the community of Western Australia.

GraphAware Hume provides a much faster and more intuitive way to model and query data compared to a traditional relational database or bespoke systems. To enhance the operational capability, GraphAware Hume breaks down data silos and creates a single view of intelligence for analysts to consume in their day-to-day work. This connected database can serve a range of operational and tactical domains, including organised crime, counter-terrorism and frontline policing.

“We understand the challenges that the connected world brings to intelligence analysts and have created GraphAware Hume together with leading law enforcement agencies as the answer to their needs,” says Michal Bachman, CEO of GraphAware. “I truly believe that criminal intelligence analysis of the future is powered by graphs. By implementing Hume and Neo4j, WA Police Force is taking a very important step towards advanced, data science and machine learning assisted policing.”

WA Police Force analysts are already realising notable benefits in trialling the system, with a Senior Tactical Intelligence Analyst working in the field of sex crime investigations commenting, “The centralisation of data from numerous standalone systems allows us to identify links and associations much more efficiently in one place. The system has instantaneously produced results that would have taken a human a significant amount of time to conduct manual analysis, and in some cases identified links that would have unlikely been identified at all.”

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About Western Australia Police Force

The WA Police Force is responsible for policing the world’s largest single police jurisdiction, covering Western Australia’s 2.5 million square kilometres with over 150 police stations across 8 metropolitan and 7 regional districts. They are an innovative police force, at the cutting edge of utilising new technology to solve crime faster and keep the Western Australian community safe.

About Hume

The world is increasingly interconnected, and so is the data that represents it. Legacy intelligence systems make connected data analysis difficult, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. Hume was created with the vision of streamlining and enhancing the intelligence process with powerful graph capabilities. Hume is now used by intelligence analysts worldwide to protect communities by identifying, locating, and disrupting crime.

About GraphAware

GraphAware’s experience and thought leadership in graph technologies have brought exceptional value to police forces and intelligence agencies. With 10 years of practical experience deploying and integrating graph intelligence solutions, we are a trusted partner of many law enforcement and criminal intelligence agencies across the globe.

Michal Bachman

CEO | Neo4j certification

Michal Bachman, founder and CEO of GraphAware, drives the company's culture, core values, long-term vision, and strategy. With a strong technical background in computer science and engineering, he is passionate about using graph technologies, data science, and machine learning to solve the world's safety and security challenges. Michal leverages his international experience, natural curiosity, and passion for travel and exploration to develop and manage GraphAware's key customer and partner relationships worldwide.