Hume - Mission-Critical Graph Analytics

Hume is an enterprise-level graph analytics solution that is easy to set up, maintain, and use. Hume helps organisations gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of graphs.


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Single Place of Truth

Create One Single Source Of Truth

Connect to a wide range of data sources and ingest large amounts of both structured and unstructured data to establish one single source of truth, the knowledge graph.

Questions and Answers

Ask Questions And Get Answers

Leverage powerful visualisations with custom colours, badges, icons, grouping or virtual relationships to discover new insights faster and more efficiently.


Empower Your Teams

With a fast learning curve and advanced sharing capabilities such as live snapshots, graph data analytics will become the core capability of your team.

Fraud icon

Preventing financial crime

Uncover Suspicious Patterns & Stop Financial Fraud

Hume alerts your analysts about any suspicious activity. From the alert, they can visually explore all involved entities and their relationships to quickly understand the situation. With Hume, you will be able to act fast to disrupt fraudulent behaviour and protect your clients and your business.

Fraud & Financial Crimes
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Connect Data Sources & Gain Intelligence

Connect dispersed data sources and establish a single source of truth. Leverage the power of spatial and temporal analysis together with alerting to improve situational awareness. Use unstructured data processing and powerful graph visualisation to gain insights and intelligence to protect your community.

Law Enforcement & Intelligence

Life Science

Finding Answers To Complex Questions

Hume guides your team through the complex and ever-growing data available to researchers in the Life Sciences. Map and analyse complex problems using state-of-art data science and highly configurable Knowledge Graphs to drive the solutions you need.

Hume - Life Sciences Use Case

Valued Features for Mission-Critical Graph Analytics


The emergence or disappearance of patterns in your data is often a mission-critical event. Hume continuously monitors patterns of interest & alerts relevant stakeholders so that they never miss anything.

Geospatial & Temporal

For some types of analysis, data has to be seen in its geographic or temporal context. Geospatial analysis displays data in the relevant location, and temporal analysis shows how data changes over time.

Unstructured Data Processing

In many organizations, most data is stored in the form of free text. Hume extracts new knowledge out of unstructured data and makes it available in the knowledge graph.

Enterprise Level Security

Hume’s schema gives administrators a full control over database indexes and constraints, without the need to write a single query.


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