Stay Alerted to Critical Changes in Your Data

Monitoring patterns in your data is crucial to staying informed and making informed decisions. With GraphAware Hume alerting feature, you can continuously track patterns of interest and receive notifications when there are important updates. This helps you stay on top of important trends and patterns, ensuring that you never miss a critical change in your data.

The alerting feature is an invaluable tool for any organization, as it allows you to stay informed and respond to changes in real-time. Additionally, Hume's alerting capability can help you reduce the risk of missing key insights and opportunities, improving your overall decision-making process.

Benefits of Automated Alerting

  • Save time monitoring data changes: With Hume automated alerting feature, you can save time by not having to continuously monitor data changes manually.

  • Avoid the risk of missing relevant data changes: Hume alerting ensure that you never miss a critical change in your data, helping you stay informed and on top of important trends and patterns.

  • Speed up data analysis: Automated alerting allows you to quickly identify and respond to changes in your data, helping you to speed up your analysis process.

  • Monitor relevant patterns of connected data: Hume alerting allows you to track patterns of interest and receive notifications when there are important updates, helping you stay informed about the data that is most relevant to your analysis.

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Feature Building Blocks

Change Data Capture

Capture any modification in your knowledge graph and notify people and downstream systems in real-time.

Scheduled Change Detection

Let Hume periodically check your knowledge graph for the emergence of crucial insights.


Configure who and when to alert when significant events are detected in your data.


Sometimes, no news is good news. Bring peace of mind to your stakeholders by proactively informing them when there are no critical changes or events in your data.

Alert Lifecycle

Configure the lifecycle of alerts on your data: how they are processed, escalated, actioned, and dismissed.

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