Automated Alerting in Hume

The emergence or disappearance of patterns in your data is often a mission-critical event. Hume continuously monitors patterns of interest and alerts relevant stakeholders so that they never miss an important update.

Benefits of Automated Alerting

  • Save time monitoring data changes.

  • Avoid the risk of missing relevant data changes.

  • Speed up data analysis.

  • User can monitor relevant patterns of connected data.

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Feature Building Blocks

Change Data Capture

Capture any modification in your knowledge graph and notify people and downstream systems in real time.

Scheduled Change Detection

Let Hume periodically check your knowledge graph for the emergence of interesting insights.


Configure who and when to alert when an important event is detected in your data.


Sometimes, no news is good news. Bring peace of mind to your stakeholders by proactively informing them of no significant events.

Alert Lifecycle

Configure the lifecycle of alerts on your data: how they are processed, escalated, actioned, and dismissed.

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