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We partner up with vendors of technologies that frequently complement Neo4j implementations. Combined with GraphAware's own products, these technical as well as professional services partnerships enable us to build end-to-end solutions for our clients. Our deep expertise in the graph ecosystem allows us to help customers choose the right tool for the job.

Neo4j and GraphAware have been partners since 2013 when GraphAware was born. GraphAware was one of the first partners to join Neo4j's Solution Partner Program, which was launched in 2015. GraphAware's Neo4j experts, all of whom are Neo4j Certified Professionals deliver professional services around Neo4j in the form of consulting, training (public & on-site), as well as the development of prototypes and full solutions.

As a technical partner, GraphAware contributes to many different initiatives in the Neo4j open-source ecosystem. We are the authors of Spring Data Neo4j (v4), PHPclient (the most popular Neo4j PHP driver), GraphGen, GraphAware Framework, GraphAware Recommendation Engine, and a number of other extensions and integrations for Neo4j. We also provide commercially licensed extensions to Neo4j that provide security, auditing, ETL, and other features for enterprises and government institutions and agencies.

Many of our customers require advanced full-text search functionality in addition to the graph capabilities provided by Neo4j. We believe that Elasticsearch is the best search engine on the market.

In mid-2015, we developed an open-source extension to Neo4j that is capable of reliably replicating data to Elasticsearch for indexing and search. Soon after, we introduced the concept of Graph-Aided Search and developed an open-source plugin to Elasticsearch that implements a federated approach to personalising search results by querying Neo4j whilst performing an Elasticsearch query.

At the beginning of 2016, GraphAware became an Elasticsearch Premium Reseller. We have since been involved in a number of Neo4j + Elasticsearch implementations, mainly focusing on real-time recommendations, personalised search, and intelligence / law enforcement. Four of our consultants are well up to speed on the Elastic Stack, in addition to being experts in graphs.

Visualisation is an important aspect of many Neo4j implementations. In some cases, a graph visualisation may even be the only part of the project that the end-user gets to see and interact with. Having no intention to build a visualisation product, GraphAware partnered up with Linkurious in 2015.

Linkurious is a leading graph visualisation platform. Whilst the Paris-based team behind Linkurious spends 100% of their time making sure the product is awesome, GraphAware provides professional services around it. We have been through a number of Linkurious implementations and have experience with customising Linkurious Enterprise (a turnkey solution) as well as building custom visualisations using the JavaScript libraries provided by Linkurious (the new ogma.js and previously linkurious.js).

Graphlytic is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool developed specifically and exclusively for Neo4j. It is a standalone application that utilises plugins/extensions to Neo4j and provides customisable visualisations, powerful ETL capabilities, and enterprise-grade access control.

GraphAware became a Graphlytic Value-Added Reseller and Solution Partner at the beginning of 2016, helping customers evaluate its fit into the enterprise and configure the solution for each use case. Graphlytic's pluggable architecture also allows us to write custom extensions and widgets for our clients. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Graphlytic and give it a test drive.

Domo helps reimagine how business can be done with data. With scale up to billions of rows of data for thousands of users, Domo can handle your needs. With 600+ proprietary connectors into APIs, on premise systems, FTP sites, and even files delivered via email, Domo has a connector to help bring your data in, and we can help get it there.

As the leading Neo4j consultancy and the authors of a custom connector for bringing your Neo4j data into Domo, we specialize in bringing together graph databases and Business Intelligence, because we understand that the two need to be seemlessly aligned to bring the most value to your business. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about Domo or connecting it to Neo4j.

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