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Keynote from GC2017

Watch a keynote from GC2017: Knowledge Graph Search with Elasticsearch

In this talk, Luanne will share insights about the business value of knowledge graphs and their contribution to relevant search in an e-commerce domain for a Neo4j customer. Dr. Alessandro will then talk about various techniques used for information extraction and graph modelling.

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Neo4j Online Meetup Video

Video from Neo4j Online Meetup: Spring Data Neo4j 5 and OGM3

Neo4j recently released Spring Data 2.0 (Kay) / Spring Data Neo4j 5.0 and in this session we'll show some of the new cool features. This release contains support for dynamic properties, schema based loading, field access only, and more. If you use SDN directly or through Spring Boot there's something for you!

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Neo4j Online Meetup Video

Training: Graph Data Modelling with Neo4j - Abu Dhabi on November 22

Join us for a Neo4j Graph Data Modelling training at the Westin Abu Dhabi. This session teaches how to design and implement a graph data model and associated queries. With a mixture of instruction and hands-on practice sessions, you’ll learn how to apply the property graph model to solve common modeling problems.

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Neo4j Online Meetup Video

November 22 Meetup: Knowledge Graphs and Chatbots with Neo4j and IBM Watson

Knowledge Graphs are becoming the de-facto solution for managing complex aggregated knowledge and Neo4j is the leading platform for storing and querying connected data. Don't miss this chance, come to our Meetup and learn all about it!

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World Economic Forum
Cablevision Fibertel
Babylon Health
Hirsh & Mann
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What we do

Bound for Success

At GraphAware, we help companies of all sizes around the world succeed with Neo4j. From short-term architecture validation and technical problem resolution to long-term hands-on project guidance, we are here to help you as an official Neo4j Solution Partner.


Zero to Hero

When you’ve made the choice to adopt Neo4j in your organisation, we can help your team to get up to speed with the technology through a series of interactive, instructor-led, on-site workshops. In just a week, we turn your developers into graph heroes.


Open-Source Tools

We develop open-source tools and domain-specific as well as generic graph database extensions to simplify and speed-up development with Neo4j. Explore the GraphAware Framework and its modules to find the right one for your use case.


Success Stories


"GraphAware successfully implemented a real-time recommendation engine on our site in just two weeks. That is an astonishingly short time to production."

David Stephenson, Managing Director, DSI Analytics and interim Head of Analytics, Belvilla

"GraphAware didn’t just help us build our recommendation service: they helped our developers acquire a whole new set of programming skills."

Marc Pou, Product Owner, InfoJobs

Why Choose GraphAware?

GraphAware is an official Solution Partner of Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j.

We offer Neo4j subscriptions directly to our customers and provide support from introduction through to full integration of Neo4j into their enterprise architecture and applications.

By having our experts on your side throughout the adoption process, you will be well-positioned to fully utilise all the business and technical benefits of the world’s most popular graph database.

Neo4j Solution Partner

Spring Data Neo4j

GraphAware are the main authors of the latest versions of Spring Data Neo4j, version 4 & 5, and the underlying, object-graph mapper (OGM).

Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) offers advanced features to map between your domain objects and the Neo4j Graph Database.

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