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The world is connected. The tools we use to understand data were built for a world that no longer exists. GraphAware helps organisations create a graph data representation of their world to significantly improve their intelligence analysis.


Enhance Your Intelligence Analysis with Hume

Hume is a ready-to-deploy intelligence platform that uses graphs for advanced analysis. With Hume, you can visualise and analyse networks of interest, add geospatial and temporal overlays, and execute graph data science to uncover powerful intelligence findings. Explore Hume now!

"The system has instantaneously produced results that would have taken a human a significant amount of time to conduct manual analysis, and in some cases identified links that would have unlikely been identified at all."

Redhorse Senior Tactical Intelligence Analyst, WA Police Force

Your Graph Journey

Model your connected world

Create a high-fidelity data representation of your world in the form of a graph - a connected network of nodes, representing real-world things or concepts, and relationships amongst them.

Create one source of truth

Access all relevant information in one place, on one canvas, fully searchable and connected, in the form of a Knowledge Graph.

Ask the questions & get answers

Discover the unknown unknowns in milliseconds without any coding. Continuously monitor patterns of interest and alert relevant stakeholders, so they never miss an important update.

Act on the acquired insights

Act on your insights with confidence, make well-informed decisions and drive better outcomes.


Knowledge Graphs Applied

Knowledge Graphs are a pivotal building block for designing intelligent systems for empowering advanced analytics and decision making. Knowledge Graphs Applied is a practical guide complete with techniques, code samples and use cases, allowing you to leverage the connected nature of various data sources and simultaneously incorporate human knowledge. Knowledge Graphs facilitate creation of solutions which are highly valued by engineers, data scientists and CEOs alike.

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Learn more from our experts

Enjoy resources created by our graph experts to help you get the most out of your data.

Network Analysis in Criminal Intelligence
Network Analysis in Criminal Intelligence

Networks are all around us, both locally and globally, and are becoming increasingly complex. The prevalence of networks has led to the widespread use of network analysis tools. While network analysis in...


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