What is Powerful Graph Analysis

Hume is the lens through which analysts, data scientists, and data-savvy business users interact with the knowledge graph. Hume lets you navigate and explore data, identify patterns, and communicate the results of your analysis.

Benefits of Powerful Graph Analysis

  • Speed: Uncover insights hidden in distributed heterogeneous data faster.

  • Quality of insight: Query data with customized questions to uncover data that will facilitate crucial decision-making.

  • Retention of talent: Let highly professional staff focus on highly skilled work instead of wasting time with unstructured data.

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Feature Building Blocks

Relevant Search

Nuanced search for handling billions of nodes lets you find what you need when you need it. Relevance can be fine-tuned on a perspective level to help you identify the starting points for your analysis as quickly as possible.


Intuitively gain insight from your data with extensive built-in network navigation and graph visualisation features. Hume's graph visualisation is user friendly, intuitive, and responsive.


Most networks are dynamic and change over time. Hume helps you analyse and visualise knowledge graphs with a temporal aspect using a powerful, interactive timeline widget.


Deploy custom queries so that end users can run complex analysis with the click of a button. Hume Actions expose and even extend the full power of Neo4j's Cypher query language.

Computed Attributes

Computed attributes bring nearly unlimited flexibility to your graph visualisations. They are a subtle yet differentiating capability that allows you to style the graph based on attributes that are computed by Hume on the fly.

Node Grouping

Solve the data overload problem with easy-to-use grouping of nodes, based on user-defined grouping strategies.


Avoid the "hairball" problem by letting the end users choose which results of a query make it to the visualisation.

Charts and Tables

Display charts and lists, export to Excel, visualize HTML content. Use your data the way you need to.


Share your findings and discoveries with colleagues by taking a point-in-time snapshot of your analysis that your team can always refer back to.

Flexible Styling

Make sure the story your data tells is perfect by using a virtually unlimited set of styling options like icons, colours, sizes, badges, and other visual elements.

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