Neo4j’s funding validates Hume market

· 1 min read

When we started our journey with Neo4j over ten years ago, we were just a bunch of passionate techies trying to convince the world about the power of graphs. We were blogging, running meetups, writing open-source code, speaking at conferences, trying to preach graphs to a like-minded crowd.

I could not be more excited to hear the news of the latest Neo4j funding round. $325M is a substantial amount of money, and I am convinced it will help make the Neo4j product even better, faster, and more scalable.

The market for graph databases in the context of real-time transaction processing has already been validated, to a large extent, by the developments of the previous decade. Last week’s announcements, however, have graph-based data analysis written all over them. That’s highly significant to GraphAware and the market potential of Hume, our graph-powered insights engine.

Hume brings the power of graph-based analytics, graph data science, and graph-powered machine learning to data scientists, analysts, and data-savvy business users. It is already used by Fortune 500 companies and G20 security agencies to keep countries and communities safe, combat financial fraud, discover new medicines, ensure regulatory compliance, advise important policymaking, and much more. But we have barely scratched the surface.

Hume has always been a natural companion to Neo4j. As graph-based data analytics becomes the primary use case for Neo4j, Hume will become a standard part of every graph-based technical stack. Undoubtedly, Neo4j’s success will boost our success. With this in mind, I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Emil Eifrem and his team on this fantastic achievement. I am looking forward to working together on making the world truly graph-aware.

Michal Bachman

CEO | Neo4j certification

Michal Bachman, founder and CEO of GraphAware, drives the company's culture, core values, long-term vision, and strategy. With a strong technical background in computer science and engineering, he is passionate about using graph technologies, data science, and machine learning to solve the world's safety and security challenges. Michal leverages his international experience, natural curiosity, and passion for travel and exploration to develop and manage GraphAware's key customer and partner relationships worldwide.