Meet GraphAware

GraphAware specialises in Neo4j consultancy, training, and software development, bespoke and open-source.

Bound for Success

At GraphAware, we make sure companies of all sizes around the world succeed with Neo4j. From short-term architecture validation and technical problem resolution to long-term hands-on project guidance, we are here to help you as an official Neo4j consulting partner.


Zero to Hero

When you've made the choice to adopt Neo4j in your organisation, we can help your team to get up to speed with the technology through a series of interactive, instructor-led, on-site workshops. In just a week, we turn your developers into graph heroes.

Training options

Open-Source Tools

As an official Neo4j technology partner, we produce open-source graph database extensions to simplify and speed-up development with Neo4j. Explore the GraphAware Framework and its modules to find the right one for your use case.

Our Products

Why choose GraphAware?

GraphAware is an official consulting and technology partner of Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j. We are pragmatic, hands-on developers, consultants, and trainers, with a strong focus on graph databases and years of Neo4j experience. We have successfully completed a number of projects across a range of industries. We keep ourselves up-to-date with latest developments by contributing to Neo4j-related open-source projects, blogging, and speaking at conferences.