Celebrating a Decade of Graph-Powered Success at GraphAware

· 2 min read

Today marks a significant milestone for us at GraphAware as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary.

We’ve come a long way, from a small-scale Neo4j consulting business to a product company which proudly delivers significant value to important organisations that safeguard our way of life. On this occasion, I want to take a short moment to reflect on our journey, celebrate our successes, and express my gratitude for the GraphAware team’s contributions.

Ten years ago, the idea of GraphAware was sparked by the belief in the transformative power of graphs and the potential they held for disrupting organisations across industries. Today, our flagship product, Hume, a graph-powered intelligence analysis platform, is testament to that belief. Used by democratic government agencies, from law enforcement to cybersecurity, from intelligence to defence, and by Fortune 500 companies, Hume has been instrumental in keeping countries and communities safe, fighting serious and organised crime, protecting critical infrastructure, and combating various forms of financial misconduct.

Transforming from a consulting firm into a product company required us to move beyond merely providing advice and writing code, to becoming a critical part of our customers’ missions. Our core values - driven by customer success, striving for excellence, sense of ownership, belief in the value of graphs, and “I got your back” - have been a guiding light on this journey. These values define us, and they have helped us navigate through the past decade. Our team has demonstrated a remarkable dedication to these values and our clients’ trust is a reflection of this consistent commitment.

One thing that I find particularly remarkable about the decade-long journey is that our passion for graphs hasn’t faded away the same way hype around new technologies typically wears off. In fact, listening to our customers’ stories, our conviction about the game-changing power of graphs is as strong as ever. That’s because graphs are not just a technology; they are a philosophy, a way of thinking about complex and connected data, and delivering pretty groundbreaking innovations and solutions.. Every line of code, every algorithm, and every piece of data we work with is part of our vision that graphs will disrupt and redefine how organisations across industries operate.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, I want to take this moment to say a huge thank you to our team. You’ve made GraphAware what it is today. Your hard work, dedication, and passion shine through in everything we do. I am continually inspired by your commitment to our mission and our customers. I also want to thank our customers. Your trust and partnership have been integral to our growth and success. We are committed to continue providing you with the best possible service and solutions. Lastly, I want to acknowledge our partners: Neo4j, Graphable, and Redhorse. Your support and collaboration have been invaluable. Together, we’ve been able to achieve more than we could have ever done alone.

Extremely exciting opportunities lie ahead of us as organisations continue to leverage the graph foundations they have built. We strongly believe graph-powered data science and machine learning will play an increasingly important role in future innovations and drive even better outcomes for businesses, communities, countries, and the society. We have been preparing for this trend for many years and I’m confident that we are well positioned to continue guiding our current and future customers on their graph journeys throughout the next decade.

Here’s to another decade of graph-powered customer success!

Michal Bachman

CEO | Neo4j certification

Michal Bachman, founder and CEO of GraphAware, drives the company's culture, core values, long-term vision, and strategy. With a strong technical background in computer science and engineering, he is passionate about using graph technologies, data science, and machine learning to solve the world's safety and security challenges. Michal leverages his international experience, natural curiosity, and passion for travel and exploration to develop and manage GraphAware's key customer and partner relationships worldwide.