Contact Tracing Using GraphAware Hume (COVID-19)

Michal Bachman

by Michal Bachman
· 1 min read

GraphAware Hume helps governments in keeping their countries safe. In this 15-minute video, we demonstrate the use of Hume for contact tracing and smart quarantine in the context of the current coronavirus pandemic. Specifically, we will see how Hume can identify people at risk using actual and potential contact tracing, suggest who should be informed or quarantined, visually explain why someone is at risk, find quarantine offenders, and much more.

Hume can do much more than structured data analysis. It is a full blown ecosystem for intelligent systems built upon the combined power of collaborative knowledge graphs and machine learning.

Hume’s unique approach helps you integrate siloed, heterogeneous data from multiple data sources into easy to understand knowledge graphs.

Because knowledge graphs are easily accessible by people and machines alike, Hume enables augmented intelligence building through person-to-person and person-to-machine collaboration.

Once your data - structured and unstructured - is converted into Hume’s knowledge graph, the customizable and extensible platform helps you extract actionable insights and handle complex tasks. You can contextualize, explore, analyze, understand, and act upon vast amounts of information using the latest advances in natural language processing, graph analytics, and machine learning.

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