What’s new in Hume 2.16?

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We are proud to announce the release of Hume version 2.16. This release introduces several new Hume features, as well as Orchestra features, and new components.

Hume is an enterprise-level graph analytics solution that allows you to easily convert multiple distributed data sources into a single, connected source of truth: the knowledge graph.

In Hume 2.16 you can:

  • Use cloud secret manager (key vault) in Hume Resources.
  • Define default double-click behaviour per knowledge graph.
  • Work with multiple Orchestra components; select, delete, duplicate or copy/paste them to another existing workflow.
  • Create a message validation schema for incoming messages using the new Message Validation Component in Orchestra.

Use Secret Managers for Hume Resources

With this release, we are introducing Azure Key Vault and AWS Secrets Manager support for Hume resources. You can centralise and store credentials to use in your visualisations, Orchestra workflows and alerts for added security and ease of use.

Set Global Double-Click Behaviour

It is now possible to define global settings for double-click behaviour on a node in your visualisation. Knowledge graph settings allow users to define double-click behaviour per knowledge graph while node-based settings define perspective and user-specific behaviour.

Other Hume Improvements

  • Merge nodes with the same IDs: In this latest version, you can merge nodes with the same ID when they come from different action resources. When an action result uses a different resource to the perspective, nodes and relationship IDs are automatically prefixed with the resourced UUID. Using the new merge nodes alias, you can specify which nodes will omit the prefix allowing you to enrich nodes without duplicating them.
  • Improvements to search: The search bar now memorises your in-progress query even if you click elsewhere while typing. This allows you to check a node or attribute if needed while typing without losing your query. In addition, 2.16 introduces search history which will store your 3 latest search queries.

Multiple Component Selection

Hume version 2.16 allows you to select several components and delete or duplicate them inside the same workflow. It is also possible to copy components selected to another existing workflow even across multiple screens.

Message Validator Component

The new message validator component allows you to define an incoming message schema to which incoming messages must adhere. This prevents messages with missing or wrong data from being processed in the workflows for better data quality.

Other Orchestra Improvements

  • Filter and auto-refresh Orchestra workflows list: You can now filter your list of workflows by name, status or creator in order to find necessary workflows easier. In addition, the list is now auto-refreshed continuously to display the number of messages and no longer needs to be manually refreshed.
  • Support for Azure Service Bus message broker: The new Azure Service Bus component allows you to produce and consume messages from Azure Service Bus. Now, you can choose between Kafka or Azure Service Bus as a message broker.
  • Set URI for multiple Orchestra instances: If you have multiple Orchestra instances, this latest version of Hume allows you to configure their URI at the Knowledge Graph level so different Knowledge Graphs can use different Orchestra instances. This lets you separate load or data processing based on your requirements.

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