Redhorse Corporation partners with GraphAware to provide the U. S. government with cutting-edge graph analytics solution

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London, Oct 3rd - Redhorse Corporation has become an official reseller of GraphAware Hume, a mission-critical graph analytics solution, for the U.S. Federal Government. Redhorse will leverage its existing consulting expertise with GraphAware Hume to bring this solution to its National Security, Defense, and Intelligence Community customers.

“We are excited to welcome Redhorse among our trusted partners who help organizations gain a competitive edge by adopting graph technologies,” said Michal Bachman, CEO, and founder of GraphAware.

“At Redhorse, we believe knowledge graphs and graph data science are critical technologies for transforming the art of intelligence analysis. GraphAware Hume is the most mature software solution for graph analytics available, and we are proud to offer Hume to our mission customers.” said Vincent Bridgeman, VP of National Security Services at Redhorse.

About Hume

The world is increasingly interconnected, and so too is the data that represents it. Legacy intelligence systems make connected data analysis difficult, time-consuming and resource-intensive. Hume was created with the vision of streamlining and enhancing the intelligence process with powerful graph capabilities. Hume is now being used by intelligence analysts around the world to protect communities by identifying, locating, and disrupting crime.

About GraphAware

GraphAware’s experience and thought leadership in graph technologies have brought exceptional value to intelligence agencies. With 10 years of practical experience deploying and integrating graph intelligence solutions, we are a trusted partner of many law enforcement and intelligence agencies across the globe.

About Redhorse

Redhorse Corporation drives mission-focused innovation for the Federal Government. Our deep expertise in digital transformation helps us to effectively conceive, nurture and sustain impactful projects. Design thinking helps us deeply understand user problems and develop better ways to solve them. Lean Startup lets us turn those ideas into business models that work, quickly and for the best cost/performance tradeoff. Our world class cloud engineers and data scientists wring the value from the data, and Agile helps us deliver solution quickly and incrementally, building exactly what the user needs, as fast as possible.

Michal Bachman

CEO | Neo4j certification

Michal Bachman, founder and CEO of GraphAware, drives the company's culture, core values, long-term vision, and strategy. With a strong technical background in computer science and engineering, he is passionate about using graph technologies, data science, and machine learning to solve the world's safety and security challenges. Michal leverages his international experience, natural curiosity, and passion for travel and exploration to develop and manage GraphAware's key customer and partner relationships worldwide.