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Fueled by customer success, GraphAware has become a globally recognized graph software development company, offering powerful graph analytics and data science expertise since 2013. Established in London, UK, we serve clients worldwide with our next-gen graph-native intelligence platform GraphAware Hume.

Our highly experienced consultants provide cutting-edge data science services, leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience to drive impactful results. The client portfolio spans law enforcement agencies, cyber defense advisories, banks, financial institutions, and research organizations focused on diverse modern science fields.

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Our experts are passionate about making sense of connected data and bringing the benefits of game-changing graph data science and analytics to a broad range of individuals and institutions. We are strong believers in the transformational power of graphs.

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Michal Bachman

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Daniela Merglova

Business Compliance
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Peter Fencak

Business Operations
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Alessandro Negro

Research & Development
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Christophe Willemsen

Technology & Infrastructure
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Dan Newland

General Manager Australia & New Zealand
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Veronika Srncova

people experience

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