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Luanne Misquitta

by Luanne Misquitta
· 1 min read

Today, I’m happy to launch GraphAware’s Engineering blog!

GraphAware was born quite some years ago, primarily out of the ideas from CEO Michal Bachman’s MSc. thesis. As some of the most experienced Neo4j people you can find started to cluster in this company, the GraphAware framework evolved and our blog grew. Many of our blog posts around Neo4j and Knowledge Graphs are still heavily referenced. We continued to grow and started to build a product engineering team to work on Hume.

Along the way, we learned and adapted, we tried new things and gave up old ones, we celebrated successes and failures. We’re strongly opinionated in some areas and not at all in others; we’ve launched some creative initiatives, and we’ve been inspired some of the best engineering teams in the world and tweaked some of those ideas to make them our own.

In this blog, you’ll hear directly from GraphAware Engineers. You’ll find stories and practices that shape our engineering culture, you’ll read more about our ideas and technical challenges and experiments whilst working with graphs and building the product we love.

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Exciting times ahead!

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