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GraphAware Enterprise offers you all of our open-source products but with additional enterprise-grade 24/7 support and guaranteed upgrades to new versions of Neo4j.

Advanced features

GraphAware Enterprise also provides additional advanced features not available in our open-source offering such as security, schema enforcement, auditing, and ETL.

Tailored to your needs

GraphAware Enterprise can be tailored to your needs. Pick and choose which modules of the GraphAware Framework and other GraphAware products you need and we will make you a bespoke offer.

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This extension allows you to configure both authentication and authorization for Neo4j. For authentication, it allows you to choose whether users' credentials are stored in the graph itself, outside of the graph (as with the simple native Neo4j security), in the cloud (so automatically replicated across all instances), or in LDAP. In terms of authorization, the extension distinguishes between admin, user admin, create, read, update, and delete permissions, and enforces these.

Schema Enforcement

This extension allows you to define and ascertain a pre-defined schema in the graph. Neo4j is said to be a schema-free database, however, it can sometimes be beneficial to define your rules and put constraints on what can and cannot be written to the database. An example of such constraint could be a rule that every person node has to have a name.


This extension allows you to see who made changes to your graph, when and what exactly was changed. You can monitor the changes by time range, by user or by specific area of the graph. This feature is great for keeping track of the changes to your graph when working in larger teams. It can also be customised to fit your needs and show exactly the changes you are interested in.

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Enjoy the benefits of enterprise-grade 24/7 support and guaranteed upgrades to new versions of Neo4j

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