Query creation with Advanced Expand

Advanced Expand in Hume simplifies intricate data exploration with its user-friendly interface, streamlining data discovery and query creation without custom Cypher, Neo4j's query language. It marks a pivotal step towards Hume's future as a versatile query builder, enhancing analytical efficiency significantly.

In Hume, Advanced Expand speeds up data identification within the knowledge graph, making advanced query creation accessible to all. By eliminating complex coding, it allows analysts to focus on interpreting results.

Benefits of Advanced Expand

  • Seamless Exploration: Advanced Expand provides a code-free interface for navigating complex datasets, ensuring straightforward interaction with intricate data structures

  • General query builder: Streamlines complex data exploration. Effortlessly create intricate queries and delve deep into your graph, enabling precise analysis and uncovering valuable insights.

  • Customizable Paths and Filters: With Advanced Expand, users have the flexibility to define optional paths and filters, tailoring queries to specific investigative needs.

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Feature Building Blocks

Visual Query Builder

Hume's Visual Query Builder empowers users to initiate queries effortlessly from nodes, relationships, canvases, or schemas. This code-free tool offers intuitive flexibility, enabling the construction of intricate queries with ease.

No Code, Easy to Use

Designed for analysts of all levels, Advanced Expand operates without manual coding. Its seamless usability facilitates efficient data exploration, catering to both novice users and experts.

Optional Paths and Filters

With Advanced Expand, users can define optional paths and filters, tailoring queries to specific investigative needs. This customization capability enhances precision and depth in data exploration, ensuring focused analysis.

Graph Preview with Intelligent Control

Explore data smartly, Advanced Expand allows users to limit displayed results and expand selections strategically. This intelligent control mechanism prevents information overload, enabling focused exploration and streamlined investigations.

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