Enterprise-Level Security in Hume

Hume is utilized by law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and departments of defence. For this reason, it has been built with security in mind, up and down the stack. Independent verifications of Hume's security controls take place regularly. Hume runs anywhere from the Cloud to air-gapped environments.

Benefits of Enterprise-Level Security

  • Comply with security requirements.

  • Optimize workflows while ensuring data security.

  • Ensure data can be analysed but not compromised.

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Feature Building Blocks


Secure your knowledge graphs, Orchestra workflows, and machine learning pipelines using Hume's role-based access control (RBAC).

AD, LDAP, and Kerberos Support

Leverage existing users and roles from your Active Directory (AD), LDAP or Kerberos instances.


Reduce the user and access management overhead by enrolling Hume and Neo4j into your organisation's single sign-on (SSO).


Every user action/operation in Hume is logged for auditing purposes.

Failure Handlers

Hume protects your data processing workflows and quickly recovers from errors.


Expose only what users need to perform their analysis by splitting large knowledge graph schemas into multiple dedicated subgraphs (Perspectives).

Encryption in Transit (TLS)

All of Hume's communications are encrypted using TLS to provide security over the network.

Penetration tested

Hume is regularly penetration tested by customers, as well as independent security scanning providers.

FedRAMP White Paper

A white paper is available, evaluating security controls relevant to the acquisition and integration of Hume into an existing FedRAMP High environment.

Secure SDLC

GraphAware operates a Secure Software Development Lifecycle for Hume.

Incident Response Plan

GraphAware has an up-to-date Incident Response Plan in order to support customers in case of a security breach.

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