Simplify manual data editing and linking

Have you struggled with manually editing and linking your data? Graph Editing in Hume offers easy-to-use tools for refining data, including robust access control and conflict detection. It enhances collaboration and boosts the efficiency of data analysts.

Hume's Graph Editing steps in as a practical feature, simplifying complex tasks such as creating nodes, editing, and linking your data. It provides data analysts with a straightforward and secure platform, ensuring meticulous data management without unnecessary complications.

Benefits of Manual Knowledge Graph Editing

  • Hume's Graph Editing functionality offers precise control over nodes and relationships, allowing seamless organization of data.

  • Role-Based Access Control ensures secure editing permissions.

  • The system's conflict detection mechanisms alert users to concurrent edits, ensuring data integrity.

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Feature Building Blocks

Effortless Data Manipulation

Hume's Graph Editing feature simplifies data manipulation, enabling it to edit or delete nodes and relationships. You can make changes directly within the database using intuitive UI or through an API.

Publish with Confidence

Take control of your data changes with Hume. It allows you to review every modification before publishing. Clear visual cues highlight newly created, edited, and deleted items, ensuring you can identify and approve changes with confidence.

Stay Conflict-Free

Hume Graph Editing keeps you informed. Receive instant notifications when changes occur to items you're currently editing or have previously modified. This intelligent conflict detection ensures a smooth collaboration process, enabling you to resolve conflicts efficiently.

Tailored Editing Experience

Customize your Graph Editing forms precisely to your needs. Managers can configure attribute visibility and editing options, providing a tailored experience that aligns perfectly with your organizational requirements.

Enhanced Security

Access Control ensures sensitive data security by limiting editing to authorised users and restricting modifications to manually created data. This ensures a high level of security and compliance, safeguarding critical information from unauthorised access or tampering.

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