Seamless Integration in Hume

Time to insight is critical, speed of innovation is key, and your IP is sacred. Hume is an ecosystem that is easy to integrate into any existing architecture. Out-of-box components can be extended, replaced, independently scaled, and even complimented by your own as well as third-party functionality.

Benefits of Seamless Integration

  • Dispose of data silos.

  • Fully leverage your Neo4j investment by feeding it with data from multiple sources.

  • Central view on dispersed data while own IP is protected.

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Feature Building Blocks

Microservice Architecture

Hume is composed of independent modules with well-defined interfaces and operations. Choose which functionality to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

BYO Algorithms

Leverage existing machine learning algorithms from within Hume's production-ready infrastructure.


Hume comes with many built-in connectors for the most popular data sources, such as relational databases, NoSQL databases, cloud-based BLOB stores, file systems, and many more.

Email Alerts

Get timely notifications of the results of your data ingestion, processing, or analysis.

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