Unstructured Data Processing in Hume

In many organisations, most data is stored in the form of free text. Hume extracts new knowledge out of unstructured data and makes it available in the knowledge graph. Hume ships with out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and makes it extremely easy to plug in existing services and language models.

Benefits of Unstructured Data Processing

  • Documents are not considered isolated.

  • It gives you multiple, flexible, and unexpected access patterns.

  • Integrates with other Machine Learning approaches (i.e., recommendation).

  • Easy to integrate with other tools (ie. Huggingface).

  • Can create a knowledge graph.

  • Enables AI.

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Feature Building Blocks

Textual Documents Support

Load and parse documents of different types: plain text, PDF, Word, or Excel. Hume converts the content and metadata into nodes and relationships, thereby enriching your knowledge graph.

Website parsing

Crawl entire websites - Hume converts the structure, metadata, and content into nodes and relationships and enriches your existing knowledge graph.

Named Entity Recognition

Automatically recognize domain specific entities that are of interest for your organisation and use case.

Named Entity Recognition (BERT)

Leverage latest techniques based on deep learning for identifying named entities using contextual information from the text.

Entity Relationship Extraction (Rule Based)

Avoid spending time on training complex machine learning models and specify rules to reveal connections among entities in the text.

Entity Relationship Extraction (ML)

Automatically convert free text sentences into relationships amongst entities, using machine learning models.

Keywords Extraction and Topic Modelling

Extract relevant keywords and key phrases from free text using Hume's proprietary, unsupervised keyword extraction algorithm.

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