GraphAware Announces Expansion into Americas

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BOSTON, MA, Nov. 28th, 2018 – GraphAware, a leading Neo4j consulting practice, today announced the official launch of its US entity GraphAware, Inc., headquartered in Boston, MA. This strategic investment by GraphAware aligns with Neo4j’s own rapid market expansion.

The close alignment between GraphAware and Neo4j is strengthened by this move, and bolstered by GraphAware’s substantial investment in Neo4j graph database deployment best practices over the last half-decade. This includes Neo4j-specific consulting, products and training- helping to accelerate Neo4j use and adoption all over the globe.

Neo4j’s President and COO Lars Nordwall said of GraphAware: “GraphAware is one of our earliest and most successful partners, for good reason,” said Nordwall. “They have continually attracted top talent from around the globe, and deliver on customer satisfaction, particularly in the largest and most complex deployments. Additionally, their significant and ongoing investment in the Neo4j community, and in surrounding products that enrich the Neo4j delivery experience, make for a unique and valuable partnership.”

GraphAware’s latest venture is funded by Graph Aware Ltd., and led by software industry and startup-veteran Kyle McNamara as CEO, Americas. GraphAware US consultants are joining a talent pool including numerous PhDs, authors and recognized experts in Neo4j, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Elasticsearch, and more.

“Neo4j is one of the most disruptive and transformative technologies I have seen in my career,” said McNamara. He added, “It can support business use cases I only dreamt of as a developer, solving some of the most difficult data challenges with today’s volumes and requirements, impossible or nearly so only a few short years ago with relational, and even most NOSQL databases.”

This timely move comes on the heels of Neo4j’s game-changing announcement of their $80M Series E funding round, led by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and One Peak Partners. The investment represents the single largest investment in graph technology.

About GraphAware, Inc.

GraphAware is the world’s #1 Neo4j consultancy, delivering Neo4j value to such worldwide names as LinkedIn, the World Economic Forum, Schibsted Media Group, and others.

GraphAware offers expertise at all stages for projects that use or are considering using Neo4j, NLP, AI, Elasticsearch and more- including graph model validation, architecture, implementation, performance tuning, training and beyond.

Kyle McNamara