GraphAware Announces Partnership with Softlink Information Systems

Michal Bachman

by Michal Bachman
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BANGALORE, October 10, 2019 – Softlink Information Systems and GraphAware are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Softlink’s industry leading database consulting services with GraphAware, the leading Neo4j ISV and consulting practice, and the creators of Hume, a cutting-edge Graph-Powered Insights Engine.

With knowledge graphs playing an increasingly critical role for enterprises to move to the next level of information analytics, companies recognize that they need to accelerate the development of knowledge graphs to ensure they remain on the competitive vanguard. The Softlink-GraphAware partnership brings together deep skills in business and technology strategy, driven by knowledge graphs, analytics and deep insights, to help support clients through successful transformation into a knowledge enterprise.

“The Softlink-GraphAware partnership is a powerful combination. GraphAware’s Hume provides customers with the insights they need to make better decisions, for their most pressing problems and opportunities. In an increasingly complex and hyperconnected world, organizations need a level of insight, collaboration and optimization not possible before. But for most, their knowledge is locked away and siloed. This complements perfectly with Softlink’s deep database consulting expertise and approach which is both agile and collaborative, while GraphAware comes in with extensive expertise and experience in network analytics and graph based data analysis.

We believe this partnership will help large enterprises, including Government agencies, to generate industry leading knowledge graphs and analytics frameworks” said Shridhar Iyengar, CEO of Softlink Information Systems. “With a dedicated team of consultants working on graph based data analytics solutions, this will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients.”

“Partnering with Softlink Information Systems to deliver knowledge transformations for our clients will allow us to provide the very best of what Hume can offer and stay ahead of the curve” said Michal Bachman, CEO of GraphAware. “Working very closely, together we will unlock the full potential of business transformation through knowledge graphs using Neo4j, and set our clients on the best path for success in the new digital business landscape. We are excited for what the future of this collaboration holds for our customers.”

Softlink is a business consulting firm with focus on graph databases. It has a dedicated centre of excellence supporting transition of organisations to knowledge graphs. To learn more about Softlink, please visit

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GraphAware offers expert advice at all stages of software development projects that use or are considering the use of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database. It develops Hume, an NLP-Focused Graph-Powered Insights Engine. To learn more about GraphAware, please visit


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