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At GraphAware, we make sure companies of all sizes around the world succeed with Neo4j

We offer expert advice at all stages of software development projects that use or are considering the use of Neo4j. Whether you are just starting out and would like to validate your graph model and software architecture, learn about graph database best practices, solve a concrete technical problem, tune performance, get some help transitioning into production, or receive guidance throughout the entire project, GraphAware is here to help you.

World's #1 Neo4j Consultancy

As a Neo4j Solution Partner, we believe that for many use cases, Neo4j is the best database out there. However, we are an independent company and offer unbiased advice. Therefore, we can also help you evaluate, whether Neo4j is the right solution to your problem.

We are used to working with all stakeholders at all levels of the organisation to achieve our ultimate goal - creating value for your company. We could be helping your management quantify the impact of graph database adoption in the morning and pair-programming a proof-of-concept with your developers in the afternoon.

We are happy to work with you remotely, but prefer to visit you on-site, at least in the early stages of your project. Based in London, UK, we are well connected with the rest of the world and, perhaps somewhat strangely, quite enjoy traveling.

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