GraphAware Foundation

With GraphAware Foundation we provide access to core GraphAware products under an open-source licence. Which is great if you do not need support or advanced features. Just want to build cool graph-based applications quickly and easily? – download any of our products below.

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GraphAware Enterprise

If you're building enterprise-grade applications with complex data then you may well require more advanced features such as security, auditing, and ETL. With GraphAware Enterprise you get access to these and also have GraphAware experts on your side with 24/7 support and guaranteed upgrades. Call us today to ask about our GraphAware Enterprise programme.

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What you get Foundation Enterprise
Any GraphAware Product Free with GPLv3 licence Commercial Licence
Support Community Websites 24x7 (phone & email)
Upgrades Best Effort Guaranteed under SLA
New Features Best Effort High Priority
Security ✔︎
Advanced Schema Enforcement ✔︎
Audit Module ✔︎

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GraphAware Framework

Requires Java Skills

GraphAware Framework is a convenient platform for extending Neo4j with generic as well as domain-specific features. Many of our products only run on top of the Framework.

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Readme | Javadoc

Graph-Aided Search

GraphAware Graph-Aided Search is a plugin for Elasticsearch that can query the Neo4j graph database during a search query to enrich the result (boost the score) or filter some out by executing a Neo4j query.


GraphAware Neo4j2Elastic

Requires Framework

GraphAware Neo4j2Elastic is a plugin for Neo4j which can be configured to transparently and asynchronously replicate data from Neo4j to ElasticSearch.


GraphAware RestTest

Requires FrameworkRequires Java Skills

GraphAware RestTest is a library for testing code that talks to Neo4j server over REST. It is powered by GraphUnit - a graph testing library that ships with the Framework.


GraphAware Expire

Requires Framework

GraphAware Expire is a library for automatically deleting nodes and relationships from Neo4j after their expiration date / time-to-live has been reached.

Readme | Javadoc