Audit Module

Seamlessly and transparently captures who, when, and how the graph was modified.

The GraphAware Audit module seamlessly and transparently captures a full audit history who, when, and how a graph was modified. The audit details are accessible via traditional Cypher queries as well as through the module's provided Cypher function and REST API for a complete audit history, either system-wide or filtered on specific criteria such as a particular node, relationship, timestamp, or user.

Installation and configuration are quick and easy: drop the audit jars into /plugins, add four lines of configuration to, restart, and your Neo4j database is fully audited.


What is the overhead of the audit module in the graph?

While the audit module does create node and relationship data to capture every transactional change, it has been designed to have negligible performance impact.

Can the audit history also have an expiration?

While outside of the scope of the current audit module codebase, this functionality can be implemented as an enhancement.

Is deletion of the audit trail possible?

By default, the audit module makes the deletion of audit trail inconvenient, helping to avoid an accidental deletion of this important information. However, the module can allow the the audit information to be deleted, allowing for test data or sensitive information to be scrubbed from the audit history.

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