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Mission Critical Graph Analytics.

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Graph-Native Ecosystem

Meet the no-code knowledge graph ecosystem that brings analysts and data scientists the full power of graph data, queries, and algorithms. Backed by Neo4j, Hume is the fastest, most scalable, and highly secure way to generate insights and intelligence from your data.

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Graph NLP
Text NLP

Natural Language Processing

Extract meaning from unstructured data sources, improve your insights, and enhance your predictive capabilities by plugging out-of-the-box or custom NLP and other Machine Learning skills into Hume’s automated data ingestion and enrichment workflows.

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Graph Visualisation

Leverage the collective intelligence of end-users by making connected data understandable, interactive, and collaborative. Hume’s feature-rich visualisation exposes the full power of Neo4j and its Cypher query language, whilst making it extremely easy to use with no coding skills.

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Features for Graph-Powered Insights

See why Hume is the choice for some of the world’s biggest companies, non-profit organisations, and government institutions.