Graphs in Criminal Intelligence

Webinar Recording

In this webinar, Dan Newland, General Manager of ANZ, GraphAware, showcases the truly transformational power of Graphs for law enforcement agencies. Dan presented how a cutting-edge graph solution can eliminate obstacles in the criminal intelligence process and increase its efficiency.

You will learn how graphs solve the challenges of modern intelligence:

  • Siloed data sources: There is no central store of data or curated views that have been collected.
  • Siloed analytical tooling: There is no single tool used by everyone for everything, making collaboration burdensome.
  • Relational stores for network analysis: With relational stores, in-depth analysis is difficult.
  • Ad-hoc data collection: Law Enforcement is unique in that any given case may require new data to be loaded and analysed.
  • Manual analysis: Throughout the entire process there are manual, time-consuming steps.
  • Enormous data volumes and variety: The sheer volume and variety of data make the intelligence process problematic

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