Hume Features - Actions

Hume Features - Actions

Run complex intelligence analysis with ease using Hume Actions - customised queries that offer the full power of Neo4j's Cypher query language. With a single click, unlock answers to investigative questions and unlock the power of your data.

In this video, we will explore how Hume Actions can help you answer these questions and more. With Hume Actions, you can quickly and easily query your data to gain insights into a person of interest's connections, affiliations, and activities. This feature allows you to quickly pull up profiles and data associated with a particular person, allowing you to gain a better understanding of the person's criminal background and potential connections. Hume Actions also helps you to keep track of your investigations and can even alert you when new information becomes available. With Hume Actions, you can quickly gain a better understanding of criminal activity and get closer to solving your case.

The Actions feature in Hume makes it easier for analysts to answer important questions quickly. Learn more about the powerful Hume features that enable fast and accurate analysis.

*The data used in the video are entirely fictitious.

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