Hume Features - Advanced Expand

Hume Features - Advanced Expand

Traversing a graph database has never been easier than with Hume! With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly navigate through your knowledge graph, no GQL Cypher writing required. Hume makes graph database traversal simple and effective.

This video will demonstrate how Hume's Advanced Expand feature makes it straightforward to explore data and uncover insights without requiring any coding knowledge. Even those without experience in Neo4j's graph query language, Cypher, can benefit from Hume's low technical requirements.

Advanced Expand is a useful feature of Hume, a no-code query builder that allows analysts to easily access and connect pertinent data. For example, the video demonstrates how it can be used to swiftly connect witness statements in a murder investigation, thereby aiding in the identification of a primary suspect.

*The data used in the video are entirely fictitious.

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