Hume Features - Styling, Grouping and Computed Attributes

Hume Features - Styling, Grouping and Computed Attributes

Hume is lauded for its ability to customise the system's features and tasks, giving analysts the power to tailor it to their individual needs. Its impressive internal creative capabilities, in combination with features such as Styling, Grouping and Computed Attributes, allow users to maintain full control over the system.

In this video, we will demonstrate how Hume enables effective navigation of a knowledge graph with its Styling features. During a data analysis session, it is paramount to be able to differentiate between various entities and relationships. Hume allows users to customise, style, and display the nodes and relationships on the canvas according to the requirements of the investigation.

The features of Hume offer almost limitless flexibility and styling options for graph visualisations, allowing end-users to quickly traverse their graphs. Check our website to learn more about the features that will bolster intelligence analysis.

*The data used in the video are entirely fictitious.

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