Hume Features - Temporal & Geospatial Analysis

Hume Features - Temporal & Geospatial Analysis

In the realm of intelligence analysis, data often needs to be contextualised within geographic or temporal frameworks. Through Geospatial Analysis, Hume provides visibility into the locations of the data, while Temporal Analysis allows for a deeper understanding of the data's evolution over time.

This video will demonstrate how Hume's Temporal and Geospatial Analysis features revolutionise police investigations. By leveraging Hume's powerful graph analytics engine, investigators are able to quickly analyse temporal and geospatial data, providing valuable insights into suspects and their co-defendants. This allows police to uncover the timeline and locations of criminal activity, such as the positioning of a cell phone or a vehicle and its changes over time, which can lead to the identification of a primary suspect and their possible accomplices.

The Temporal and Geospatial Analysis capabilities of Hume provide invaluable context, allowing for more intuitive analysis than would otherwise be possible.

*The data used in the video are entirely fictitious.

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