Fortune 500 Retailer saves
10% of scam-related costs in 6 months
with GraphAware Hume

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Given the company’s friendly return policy, some scammers attempt to exploit it.

The scammers return empty boxes and claim that the order was not delivered or that the product was damaged. To protect themselves from being blocked by the retailer, they create multiple accounts; both the account and orders commonly share a detail, e.g., phone, email or address.

Using Hume, we created a knowledge graph with all the user accounts and order details automatically ingested; we implemented advanced analytics to increase coverage and set up alerts that inform us about emerging risks.

A Fortune 500 retailer with over $10 billion in revenue and 25+ million active customers.

Scam detection KPIs exceeded by

saved in just 6 months

Hume is a ready-to-use, mission-critical graph analytics solution. With it, you can efficiently detect, understand, and prevent fraudulent activities, thus saving time and money.

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The client initially approached GraphAware seeking consultancy and help with the development of an internal application for account association linkages. We introduced our ready-to-use solution Hume instead, considering the amount of labour and costs of developing a completely new graph application. Using Hume enabled the retailer to focus on creating business value and fine-tune graph data science-based algorithms. The soft production was deployed in 3 months, and within 6 months it exceeded the scam detection KPIs by 300%.

It’s been great, I’m enjoying learning Hume and it is exceeding my expectations”

Data Science Lead

The Results

  • Saved $6M and a substantial amount of time
  • Identified scam patterns and set up preventions
  • Detected hundreds of scam accounts and recommended resolutions
  • During scam detection, false positives were significantly limited

I feel like a caveman who just discovered fire!”

Scam Prevention Specialist

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