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10+ Entity States in Graph Visualisation and How To Make The Best Of Them

Dr. Miro Marchi and Michal Trnka explore 10 of the most useful graph entity states using Cypher to enrich entities with contextual information enabling powerful interactions.

Neo4j Security In Action

Christophe Willemsen describes Role Based Access Control (RBAC), intra-cluster encryption and logging in Neo4j.

Post-Union Processing with Cypher

Luanne Misquitta shows how to use the results of a UNION Cypher query.

Malt Aware: Discovering What To Drink With Neo4j

Luanne Misquitta explains how to produce good starting-point recommendations for whisky using Cypher that are of higher quality than those we see at our favourite online stores.

Knowledge Graphs Powered By NLP and Network Science

Vlasta Kůs takes us through converting a corpus of research papers through Natural Language Processing, entity (relation) extraction and graph algorithms to highly informative connected insights organized in a knowledge graph.

How Graph Databases Deliver Enterprise Grade Security

This presentation by Christophe Willemsen, CTO, GraphAware, guides you through security best practices for Neo4j development.

Improving Information Retrieval with Knowledge Graphs and Natural Language Processing

Christophe Willemsen, CTO, GraphAware, explains how to apply NLP to extract entities and key phrases to build and search knowledge graphs

Knowledge Graphs to Power Financial Chat Bots

Mayank Gupta, SVP of Data and Wren Chan, VP of Foundational Architecture and Innovation from LPL Financial present how they use GraphAware Hume and Neo4j to power financial chat bots.

Hume Contact Tracing Demo (COVID-19)

Demonstration of GraphAware Hume, a graph-powered insights engine. Shows how Hume can be applied to processing and analysing structured data to surface insights. The use case for this demo is coronavirus contact tracing and smart quarantine.

Unparalleled Graph Database Scalability Delivered by Neo4j 4.0

This session features Dr. Alessandro Negro, noted graph database author and Chief Scientist at GraphAware, along with Patrick Wall, Director of Product Marketing at Neo4j. During this webinar, GraphAware explores the powerful scalability features of Neo4j 4.0 in a live demo using the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset.