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Webinar - Leveraging LLMs for Intelligence Analysis

Leveraging LLMs for Intelligence Analysis

17 Jan 2024 webinars

In this webinar session, we will unveil how Hume leverages GPT and LLMs to expedite intelligence analysis on extensive unstructured datasets, with a specific focus on law enforcement.

Our live demonstration will centre on the public judicial reports detailing a vast web of state corruption in South Africa, commonly known as the "state capture" or the Gupta Leaks. By employing OpenAI’s GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformers), we will showcase how the model facilitates Named Entity Recognition (NER) and Relation Extraction (RE) to extract pertinent knowledge from these texts.

You will learn:

  • Prompt Engineering Excellence
    Use GPT to identify key elements crucial for Knowledge Graph creation, including entities and the relationships between them.
  • LLMs in Action
    Explore the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) for building Knowledge Graphs, including data cleaning and normalization processes
  • Results Analysis
    Investigate the central questions surrounding the Gupta Leaks:
    1. How did the Guptas sustain corruption on this scale for an extended period without arousing suspicion?
    2. What were the complicit organizations linked to the Guptas?

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Webinar - Graphs in Criminal Intelligence

Graphs in Criminal Intelligence

02 Jan 2024 webinars

In this webinar, Dan Newland, General Manager of ANZ, GraphAware, showcases the truly transformational power of Graphs for law enforcement agencies. Dan presented how a cutting-edge graph solution can eliminate obstacles in the criminal intelligence process and increase its efficiency.

You will learn how graphs solve the challenges of modern intelligence:

  • Siloed data sources: There is no central store of data or curated views that have been collected.
  • Siloed analytical tooling: There is no single tool used by everyone for everything, making collaboration burdensome.
  • Relational stores for network analysis: With relational stores, in-depth analysis is difficult.
  • Ad-hoc data collection: Law Enforcement is unique in that any given case may require new data to be loaded and analysed.
  • Manual analysis: Throughout the entire process there are manual, time-consuming steps.
  • Enormous data volumes and variety: The sheer volume and variety of data make the intelligence process problematic

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Webinar - Unveiling the digital net of extremism

Unveiling the Digital Web of Extremism with Graph-Based Analytics

23 Nov 2023 webinars

In this webinar, Petr Matuska, alongside an expert guest with firsthand experience in counter-terrorism investigations, will use the Hume intelligence analytics solution to unveil terrorist sleeper cell from OSINT, phone forensics, and government data.

The live demonstration illustrates how graph-based analytics tools assist intelligence analysts to automatically create and maintain a continuously available Common Intelligence Picture, uncover hidden patterns, unknown unknowns, and automate alerts on new potential threats.

You will learn how the graph-based approach enables:

  • Fast data integration into a single view of intelligence
  • Real-time monitoring of emerging complex patterns
  • Deep analysis of connected data

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