Harness connected data to protect your community.

Hume enables intelligence-led policing with mission-critical graph analytics capabilities.

When a child goes missing, every minute counts. With Hume, we don’t have to start from scratch every time an event like this is reported. Our data is available and ready to be analysed. We can act fast and save lives.”

Data Science Lead - Government agency
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Law enforcement agencies have access to vast amounts of information and are constantly challenged with incomplete or inefficient data unification. Hume empowers analysts with a single view of structured and unstructured data from a wide range of sources, enabling them to act quickly and effectively against criminals and their networks.

Utilise Hume at every step of the intelligence lifecycle

Hume equips your teams with powerful capabilities. Analysts will find connections between entities, people, and events faster than ever before. Hume gives your teams best-in-class geospatial and temporal analysis, automation, alerting, data science, and dynamic collaboration tools, all with enterprise-grade security to uncover malicious ativities and disrupt criminals and their networks.

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Create a single view of intelligence

Ingest, organise and correlate all of your data on a single canvas.

Geospatial and temporal analysis

Analyse the where, the when, and the evolution of criminal activity and networks with powerful geospatial and temporal capabilities.

Powerful graph analysis

Analyse entities of interest and their connections to people, objects, locations, and events with powerful graph data science to better understand criminal networks.

Automate common tasks and leverage alerts

Conduct pattern-of-life, flow of funds, and other custom intelligence analyses with the click of a button. Reveal and identify patterns of interest in your data and be alerted when they occur.

Data science

Leverage unstructured data processing, graph data science, and machine learning to enrich the information being provided to your analysts.


Enable collaboration and knowledge sharing between your internal and external intelligence teams.

Real world use cases

Hume is already helping law enforcement agencies power their intelligence analysis in the following critical domains.

  • Identifying potential suspects of high-volume crime
  • Locating missing persons
  • Disrupting organised crime
  • Uncovering financial fraud and tax evasion
  • Countering child exploitation
  • Counter-terrorism
  • Criminal assets confiscation
  • Protecting dignitaries and critical infrastructure
  • Safeguarding key mechanisms of modern democracy (e.g., elections)
Real World Use Cases

With Hume on your side


Model your connected world


Establish one source of truth

Questions and Answers

Ask the questions and get answers


Empower your teams to gather intelligence and act on the acquired insights


Let the machine do the heavy lifting, get proactive automated alerts


Valued Features for Law Enforcement and intelligence


The emergence or disappearance of patterns in your data is often a mission-critical event. Hume continuously monitors patterns of interest & alerts relevant stakeholders so that they never miss anything.

Geospatial & Temporal

For some types of analysis, data has to be seen in its geographic or temporal context. Geospatial analysis displays data in the relevant location, and temporal analysis shows how data changes over time.

Unstructured Data Processing

In many organizations, most data is stored in the form of free text. Hume extracts new knowledge out of unstructured data and makes it available in the knowledge graph.

Enterprise Level Security

Hume’s schema gives administrators a full control over database indexes and constraints, without the need to write a single query.


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