Get answers to complex questions with the power of graph analytics

Graph-based analysis is a natural solution to complex problems in life sciences.

“What took us weeks to find in various sources and literature we can find in one day.”

Researcher - Biopharmaceutical Company
Hume node

The amount of data available to researchers in Life Sciences is ever-growing. To get accurate answers is to find structure and build the right model for what might seem random. Graph analysis uses a model as close to the real world as possible while remaining accessible for analysis and insights. Hume is the best in class graph analytics solution that will guide you through and help your research reach its ultimate goal - find the answers.

Hume delivers on each step of your data lifecycle

Hume helps you quickly build a graph representation of all your available data, and connect both structured and unstructured data with the help of NLP capabilities. You and your team will be able to map your complex problem and analyse it using built-in highly configurable and interactive visualisation together with graph data science approaches.

Connect sources of knowledge

Connect different sources of structured & unstructured data into a single knowledge graph

Discover hidden connections & patterns

Thanks to the powerful visualisation & graph algorithms

Find relationships & dependencies

Use extended graph expand with visual hints & filters to discover interesting patterns & predict unknown relationships using graph data science

Have all your teams on the same page

Collaborate & share knowledge on analysis across your teams

Get value from Machine Learning

Harness all the knowledge contained in data with the help of Machine Learning find similarities, patterns, important connections & predict new relationships.

Process unstructured and structured data

Leverage algorithms to analyze, group, and connect key terms & understand pathways

Real world use cases

Cutting-edge research is demanding more and more complex models, Hume can help you get answers by leveraging a graph model, that is both true to reality and easy to operate.

  • Drug repurposing
  • Infectious disease spread patterns
  • Business development - idea monitoring
  • Horizon scanning of new scientific outbreaks
  • Science branch specific landscape mapping
Hume - Life Sciences Use Case

With Hume on your side


Model your complex problem into understandable representation


Create one source of truth

Questions and Answers

Ask the questions & get answers and predict new knowledge


Let the machine learning do the heavy lifting


Empower your teams’ research capabilities to reach your goals


Valued Features for Life Sciences

Knowledge Graph

Collaborative knowledge graph at its core is one of Hume’s main differentiators. Each knowledge graph managed in Hume becomes a new valuable asset for your organization.

Data Ingestion

Hume is an ecosystem that is easy to integrate into any existing architecture. Out-of-box components can be extended, replaced, independently scaled, and even complimented by your own as well as third-party functionality.

Unstructured Data Processing

Hume ships with out-of-the-box natural language processing (NLP) capabilities and makes it extremely easy to plug in existing services and language models.

Visual Analysis - Styling, Grouping

Solve the data overload problem with easy-to-use grouping of nodes, based on user-defined grouping strategies.


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