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Monitoring Neo4j and Procedures with Prometheus and Grafana - Part 2

Monitoring Neo4j and Procedures with Prometheus and Grafana - Part 2

14 Jun 2019 by Miro Marchi · 19 min read Neo4j Monitoring Causal Cluster

This is the second of a two post series on monitoring the Neo4j graph database with popular enterprise solutions such as Prometheus and Grafana. Monitoring the status and performance of connected data processes is a crucial aspect of deploying graph based applications. In Part 1 we have seen how to expose the graph database internals and custom metrics to Prometheus, where they are stored as multi-dimensional time series.It is now time to query those metrics and render results in a beautiful, integrated Grafana dashboard. This will help you establish 24/7 monitoring and alerting of your Neo4j setup so that you...

Neo4j Causal Cluster Docker Quickstart

03 Jan 2018 by Eric Spiegelberg · 6 min read Neo4j Causal Cluster Docker SDN OGM

Enterprise IT requirements are demanding and solutions are expected to be reliable, scalable, and continuously available. Databases accomplish this through clustering, the ability of several instances to connect and conceptually appear and operate as a single unit.While Neo4j’s clustering is well documented, for exploration and learning it can be helpful to get a cluster up and running as quickly as possible. This post demonstrates how to use Docker to have a Neo4j causal cluster up and running in a matter of minutes.Neo4j Causal ClusteringCausal clustering, introduced as a cornerstone feature of Neo4j 3.1, enables support for ultra-large clusters and a...