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Integration testing with Docker Neo4j image and Testcontainers

16 Dec 2018 by František Hartman · 8 min read Testing Docker Neo4j

Automated testing is the cornerstone of any successful software project.Applications using the Neo4j database are no exception. This blog postshows how to use the Neo4j Dockerimage and the Testcontainerslibrary for integration testing inJava using JUnit.This blog post shows examples in Java. Testcontainers library has beenported to many other languages so the same approach and principles canbe applied. Check out theTestcontainersgithub page.MotivationNeo4j already provides a testing harness to start a temporary databasewithin tests, either manually or through a JUnit rule. To use thisharness one must include theneo4j-harnessmaven artifact, together with whole Neo4j database as a testdependencyto the project. This inevitably pollutes...

Neo4j Causal Cluster Docker Quickstart

03 Jan 2018 by Eric Spiegelberg · 6 min read Neo4j Causal Cluster Docker SDN OGM

Enterprise IT requirements are demanding and solutions are expected to be reliable, scalable, and continuously available. Databases accomplish this through clustering, the ability of several instances to connect and conceptually appear and operate as a single unit.While Neo4j’s clustering is well documented, for exploration and learning it can be helpful to get a cluster up and running as quickly as possible. This post demonstrates how to use Docker to have a Neo4j causal cluster up and running in a matter of minutes.Neo4j Causal ClusteringCausal clustering, introduced as a cornerstone feature of Neo4j 3.1, enables support for ultra-large clusters and a...