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Mining and Searching Text with Graph Databases

07 Jul 2016 by Alessandro Negro · 11 min read Neo4j GraphAware Enterprise NLP Search Advanced

A great part of the world’s knowledge is stored using text in natural language, but using it in an effective way isstill a major challenge. Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques provide the basis for harnessing this huge amountof data and converting it into a useful source of knowledge for further processing.IntroductionNLP is used in a wide variety of disciplines to solve many different types of problems. Analysis is performed on textfrom different sources, such as blogs, tweets, and various social media, with size ranging from a few words to multiple documents.Machine learning and text analysis are frequently used to enhance...

Securing Neo4j with GraphAware Enterprise

29 Mar 2016 by Michal Bachman · 5 min read Neo4j GraphAware Intermediate Security Enterprise

For most organisations, data security is extremely important. The topic comes up every single time we are training, consulting,or otherwise engaging in the world of graphs and Neo4j. At the same time, security is very difficult and time-consuming to get rightand the implications of getting it wrong can be serious. In this blog post, we introduce the integration of Spring Securityinto Neo4j which provides important security controls and mechanisms for enterprises and governments that make use of theworld’s most popular graph database.Security in Neo4jNeo4j comes with certain security mechanisms out of the box. These include HTTPS support,single-user authentication with all-or-nothing...