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Graphs as Lateral Thinking for ITOps

Graphs as Lateral Thinking for ITOps

16 Jul 2019 by Isaac Rosado · 6 min read Neo4j Knowledge Graph ETL DevOps ITSM ITOps ITIL

“Lateral thinking” was a big topic back in 2004 when I was in the Network Operations Center (NOC) business; one definition is: “(lateral thinking) is the solving of problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically through viewing the issue in a new and unusual light.”If it works, don’t touch itBut the world of NOC operations, and generally IT Operations was anything but creative, not because we didn’t appreciate innovation per se, but because we valued reliability, consistency an uptime above all things, and those outcomes are the result of a long tradition in IT of approaching change, the natural...

What’s New in Neo4j Databridge [April 2017]

27 Apr 2017 by Vince Bickers · 7 min read Neo4j ETL Databridge

Since our first post a few months back, Neo4j-Databridge has seen a number of improvements and enhancements. In this post, we’ll take a quick tour of the latest features.Streaming EndpointAlthough Databridge is primarily designed for bulk data import, which requires Neo4j to be offline, we recently added the capability to import data into a running Neo4j instance.This was prompted by a specific request from a user who pointed out that in many cases people want to do a fast bulk-load of an initial large dataset with the database offline, and then subsequently apply small incremental updates to that data with...

Introducing GraphAware Databridge: Graph Data Import Made Simple

10 Oct 2016 by Vince Bickers · 13 min read Neo4j ETL Databridge

IntroductionUntil now, Neo4j users wanting to import data into Neo4j have been faced with two choices: Create Cypher statements in conjunction with Cypher’s LOAD CSV or use Neo4j’s batch import tool.Each of these approaches has its strengths and weaknesses. LOAD CSV is very flexible, but you need to learn Cypher, it struggles with large volumes of data and is relatively slow.On the other hand, Neo4j’s batch import tool is extremely efficient at processing large data volumes. You don’t need to know any Cypher, but the input files usually need to be manually generated beforehand. Being a simple CSV loader, it...